Printable PDF Word Searches

We provide a printable PDF word search because it's the simplest way to keep word searches for later, and share them with students or your kids. You can download and print any of our puzzles with a premium account, which gets you a nicely formatted PDF, along with an answers grid PDF so that you can easily find the answers if your kids get stuck.

How do I make a word search printable?

You can print any word search in the browser by hitting the print button below it. A PDF is an extra way to be sure that all your students will get the same formatting, and be able to print off the word search easily, no matter which device they're using.

What does the word search PDF look like?

The PDFs contain the grid name, description, and a colourful key of all the words featured on the grid. You can see an example below. You can also see an answer grid for your word search.