What word can I make out of these letters?

If you have a bunch of letters and want to unscramble them or muddle up the letters of a real word you can use this quick little tool to do so. Just enter the letters you have and we'll tell you the english words which match them, chosen from a large dictionary of words. Please don't use this quick way to unscramble letters into words to cheat at scrabble though!  This tool is perfect for making anagrams too - an anagram is a word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters in another word or phrase.

You can make your own anagrams for your friends or children with this tool, then enjoy watching them try to work out which word you scrambled. You could also encode a secret message by scrambling each word in turn, but beware, you might find unscrambling it leads to a different message, as some scrambled words have more than one answer.

Is the scrambled answer too easy? Just press scramble again to get a different alternative scrambling.

Find words

Finds any words in the dictionary which can be made when using all the letters provided

Scramble a word

Generates a word which does not exist in the dictionary based on the word provided